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Bournemouth Park Bowling Club,
82B Wimbourne Road,
Southend on Sea,
Essex, SS2 4JR
Telephone - 01702 465599
E-mail - bpbowls@btconnect.com
Website - www.bpbowls.org.uk

Affiliated to EBA - L&SCBA - ECBA - S&DBA

Layzell Fours Winners

Welcome to the Bournemouth Park Bowling Club [BPBC] website.

I saw this on the Bournemouth Park Bowls Club Facebook page and asked Brian if I could publish on the Club's website and he said 'Yes', so here it is.

"After a week of visiting Ros where she has not been quite as responsive as I would have liked, it reminded me of how cruel Alzheimer’s and indeed any mental health matters can be. Therefore I would like to thank the President for continuing with his charity for Peaceful Place. I have visited this establishment in the past and admire the spirit in which it is run. It also gives an opportunity for both diagnosed patients and carers to have some respite from whichever form of mental illness they may be experiencing."

"I wrote the following poem recently, which I hope in some small way conveys the feelings and sometimes desperation that comes with the condition."


I still see you as my wife
this once young girl so full of life.
I’d like to know what’s on your mind
and I just wonder what I’d find.
A little lady who was quite smart
who loved her music and her art.
Dressmaking, painting and sculpture too,
Is there anything you couldn’t do?
I try to see you every day
but gradually watch you slip away.
Some days are good and some are bad
and some I wish I’d never had.
I try so hard to make you smile
to get my girl back for awhile.
But this is such a short relief,
as nothing can take away my grief.
Still, while you need me I’ll be there
because you know that I still care.

Brian xxx